February 26, 2021

Drug Test Popped – Pass Any Hair Test

It is normal for you to panic when you are informed of a drug test, especially if you are a heavy smoker. Most companies and establishments require their employees to be free from drug use. They put up forums to occasionally perform drug test to ensure their employees are sober while conducting their duties. However, despite you being aware of the consequences of using drugs it is impossible to refrain from the urge of using drugs. Drugs are known for their undesirable side effects but what many people are unaware of is their ability to help depressed people. Additionally, they make the brain more active, and you can think more and be more productive.


Regardless of their advantages to you as the user, it is still illegal to use drugs such as cocaine and marijuana. If you value your job or professional, it is essential to find a way to pass the drug test. Depending on the method your employer uses to detect the drug substance you need to be alert. They are three types of drug tests namely: Blood test, urine test, and follicle hair drug test.


1) Urine drug test

Urine drug test detects drug metabolites in your system. The test can establish if you have been on drugs for the last few weeks. It is the most used method in many states. The advantage of the drug test is that it has many loopholes and is possible for you to pass it even though you are a heavy smoker successfully.

If you are a drug user, it means conducting illegal activities is nothing new to you-you will correctly pull this one out. Drug substitution means that you forward another person’s sample in pretense it is your sample. If the test is being conducted in a supervised area you need to get their sample early enough, ensure you keep the sample warm because a cold urine sample will raise alarm. The person offering you their urine should be clean of all types of drugs and medication. If you successfully submit the sample without being caught, the results will be decent.

• Dilution of urine

Dilution of urine can be done in two ways. You can opt to physically add water to your urine or consume a lot of water to ensure your urine is diluted. If you decide to add water in your urine be careful as if the urine is cold it will a cause of alarm. You need to be smart enough to add warm water with temperature almost equivalent to the urine sample. Additionally, some laboratories are sharp and will intentionally add chemicals to their water that will be detected during the test. Dilution is a wise method if the test is being conducted in your place of work, but if it is done in a laboratory, you won’t succeed.

Consuming a lot of water helps the body in flushing off toxins in your body. If you intake a lot of water, then you will urinate more ensuring drugs metabolites are eliminated. The urine will be colorless, and then it might seem like you are trying to cheat a drug test which is illegal. Thus, ensure that you take vitamins to ensure that your urine retains its normal color. Vitamin B-2 and vitamin-12 are the ideal vitamins to provide your urine does not raise suspicion.

• Masking a urine sample

It involves adding nitrates in your urine to prevent the testing equipment from detecting the drug substances in your urine. The chemicals you use should be soluble in the urine, and you need to use a standard amount of the compound. If you overuse the substances, they will be detected in the urine. Remember cheating a drug test is illegal and the penalties once you are caught are hefty.

• Abstinence from the drugs

Refraining from using the drugs applies to all the methods of a drug test. If you stop using the drugs weeks before the test, your body will have enough time to flush out any toxins in your body, and during the trial, you will receive negative results.

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2) Blood test

A blood drug test detects actual drug substance in your body. It does not detect drug metabolites like the urine test. It is not commonly used as it is costly. Passing the blood drug test entails you to stop using the drug and eliminating all the toxins in your body.

• Stop using the drugs.

The best way to pass the blood drug test is to stop using the drug. It is the most convenient method, and its success is 100% guaranteed. You need to refrain from the drugs weeks before the test as it will detect any drug substance in your body for the last three months.

• Detox drinks

Detox drinks are reputable for their ability to cleanse your body from all toxins. If you want to successfully clear off any drug traces in your body ensure you frequently take detox drinks. What are the most effective detox drinks to pass a blood drug test?

a) Lemon juice

Lemon is known for many of its health benefits such curing common colds. Lemon juice if drunk frequently helps in cleansing your body of all toxins. You need to mix one tablespoon of the lemon juice into 500 ml of water. If you drink the juice for 7-8 times, it will ensure that you are able to eliminate the drug substance in your body successfully. If your blood is clean, it means the blood drug test will be negative. However, your blood does not need to be 100% clean of drugs to pass the test. You only need your blood sample to be less than 50ng/ml of the drug.