From Pipe Dream to Print: Four Successful Indie Mags on What it Takes (Besides Great Design) to Make it Big

Sunday, October 4
1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Katie Murphy Amphitheatre
Free and open to the public
First come, first served
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It would have been unthinkable a few years ago when people were warning of print’s imminent demise, but not only is the birthrate of independent magazines surging, many new titles are outpacing the well-known glossies. What’s the secret to breaking through in an increasingly crowded market?

A panel of print industry experts from a range of successful independent magazines — Lucky Peach, Pitchfork, The Great Discontent, and American Chordata — will share their insights on what worked and what didn’t and the role that good design plays. Aspiring magazine makers can learn from their insights; print lovers of all stripes will get an insider’s look into what goes into some of the best titles on newsstands now; and everyone will come away with plenty of visual inspiration.

Moderated by Ruth Jamieson, author of Print is Dead, Long Live Print: The World’s Best Independent Magazines (Prestel Publishing, 2015), with Peter Meehan, editor of Lucky Peach; Molly Butterfoss, art director at Pitchfork; Ben Yarling, editor and founder of American Chordata; and Ryan Essmaker, editor and co-founder of The Great Discontent.

Presented by AIGA’s Eye on Design blog (Perrin Drumm, editorial director) and Prestel Publishing.

Ruth Jamieson will sign books in the exhibition hall after the program.