Reto Caduff

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Reto Caduff is a Swiss-born visual storyteller. He is an award-winning photographer, filmmaker, and designer. With film- and photo camera plus computer, he creates compelling narratives at different frames per second for clients and his personal artistic endeavors.

Originally trained in razor-sharp, modern Swiss typography and graphic design, Caduff works today as an award-winning director for film and television and is a successful photographer, designer, and book publisher.

Starting with designing record covers, posters, and fanzines for local bands in his teens, he quickly turned his focus to the complete “music-producing process,” launching a record company and a music publishing company at the age of 18. From signing and producing artists plus shooting their low budget music videos, Caduff moved on to work as host for Swiss National Radios DRS 3 and subsequently became a producer and director at Swiss Television in Zurich.

1994 marked his move to New York, where he started directing documentaries, music videos as well as short films. He continued working as a TV producer as well as photographer for media outlets in Switzerland and Germany – interviewing and profiling the likes of Madonna, Kofi Anan or Angelina Jolie. He also produced and directed documentaries on Lowrider Fanatics, Native Americans, Militia Soldiers, UFO Believers or Gun-Carrying School Kids. “My work might be in different genres and media but it all boils down to my desire to touch an audience by telling them stories about people in a visually enthralling way,” explains Caduff his motivation. In 1998 he decided to put up shop in Los Angeles.

Since then he has worked as a director for various TV formats, directed corporate films, EPK’s, TV series, commercials and his main passion: feature-length documentaries.

His award-winning film on the 80’s hard rock legends “Krokus” won the 2004 Zurich Film Award for best documentary. With his next project “Taiwan Jetlag” he followed the Swiss rock band The Lovebugs with a camera through Taiwan. He is also co-director of the award winning documentary “A CRUDE AWAKENING – The Oil Crash” that was shown at over 50 international festivals and aired on the Sundance Channel. The next two films “Charlie Haden – Rambling Boy” and “The Visual Language Of Herbert Matter” were screened throughout the world and shown at festivals such as Telluride, Vancouver or Hof. He owns the Zurich-based production company PiXiU FILMS together with Laurin Merz. The company produces documentaries and content for TV and industry.

As a photographer, Caduff specializes in portrait and reportage for clients such as brand eins, Swiss International Airlines or The Brander plus creating personal projects such as the internationally acclaimed series “Freckles”. In 2014 he started the publishing house Sturm & Drang where he releases high quality photo book editions of photographers.

Reto Caduff has spent the last 25 years in the creative industry both in the US and Europe. He also gives speeches, teaches students, curates shows and consults media companies.